Labor Day + What I Wore [to Work] Wednesday

Monday was Labor Day, which meant NO WORK!! I figured i’d share what I wore on Labor Day in this post.

Monday: LABOR DAY!

Gingham Ruffle Top: Zara (similar option here)  // Ruffle Shorts: Giddy up Glamour in College Station // Lace Up Flats: Nordstrom Rack (similar) // Watermelon Bag: Mod Cloth (Only 1 left!!) // Watermelon Earrings: Vintage

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What I Wore [to Work] Wednesday + A Perfect Date Night Dress

Hey y’all. Happy hump-day!  This week I only have outfits to share from Tuesday and Wednesday. I had to wear another work t-shirt on Monday, so nothing too exciting will be missed.

In other (more exciting news), I went out on a date with my fiancé on Tuesday to celebrate our 8th anniversary! I will share the details on what I wore.

Disregard the dirty mirror. I have big plans to dust it soon!


Ruffle Blouse: Shein (Under $7.00!!) // Maxi Skirt: Charlotte Rousse (similar) // Earrings: Bauble Bar // Cardigan: Target (same style, different color) // Flats: Indigo Rd. (comes in a variety of colors)

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What I Wore [to Work] Wednesday

I’m back at it again with another  “What I Wore to Work” post this week. I linked available clothing items  and accessories under the photos. I tried to find and link items similar to what is currently out of stock or sold out.

Enjoy, and have a wonderful rest of the week. You made it over the hump!


Jeggings: Target // Shoes: Toms // Pug: Wilbur (insert crying laughing emoji)

Another Monday, another t-shirt. Today was the actual first day of school for the entire school district.

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Classroom Tour 2016-2017


Hey y’all! I am excited to give y’all a peek into my classroom this year. The above pics are what you will see from the hallway when walking into my classroom. I work at an early childhood center where each class is has a symbol (either an object or animal) that the students can easily identify with. I chose to be the dolphins as that was my favorite animal growing up! I was pretty glad no one snatched that animal up when I got hired.

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What I Wore [to Work] Wednesday: First Week Back to Work

Hey y’all! I’m officially back to work, which means i’m back to my “What I Wore [to work] Wednesday posts. I am excited to share my outfits that I wear on an everyday basis. I love the fancy photoshoots, but they just aren’t real life (as much as I wish they were)!

My plan is to post what I wear each week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but i’m going to be real. There will be many days I may forget to take that morning selfie, and you do not want to see how I look after a full day with littles (although i’m sure I’ll look better than i’ll smell at the end of the day).

On to my first week back to school! (I love that I get to say “back to school” for my job!)



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What I Wore [to work] Wednesday: Last Week of School

It’s here, it’s here! The last week of school. You can read about my more in-depth feelings about the end of school in my last post.

Now for what I wore…

I do not have any photos to share for Monday. We were out of school for Memorial Day (I did share what I wore on Monday in my Red, White & Blue blog post). So on to the work week…


I wore this dress. I feel like I’m becoming a spokesperson for Shein. I promise, i’m not! I just happen to like affordable clothing. Reallyyyy affordable clothing at that. This dress was only $11. I will warn you, up close it looks cheap, but it feels great. As a teacher, that is important. I like to feel comfortable and look good at the same time.

Here is an up-close look at the pattern on the bodice. Bright colors are my favorite, therefore this dress fit the bill.

I have had a thing for pointy toed flats lately. The shoes I wore can be found at Nordstrom Rack. I love that NR provides shoes for women with tiny feet (I wear a size 4)!

Book can be found here. 😀



A little mint and black for Wednesday. Today was the LAST full day of school for my students, so we celebrated with a party! Too bad this day was very rainy (hence those combat boots).


The striped dress is from Forever 21 two years ago. It is tight-fit and has a huge opening on the upper back. I love this dress. It hugs all my curves in the right places while still being comfortable (and not too short). I’ve worn this dress out on the town on multiple occasions.

I need a cover-up in order to wear this dress to work, hence the kimono. This amazing kimono is from Walmart. It is meant to be worn with swimsuits, but I never follow the rules when it comes to clothing. This kimono has awesome fringe and a nice intricate design.


It also comes in 3 different colors. 🙂

Lastly, the tassel necklace is from Kendra Scott. This is definitely one of the more expensive things I have in my closet. I usually do not spend this much on clothes and jewelry. The exact color (mint) is not on their website anymore, but the chalcedony is very similar. I wear this necklace so much I’m surprised I haven’t broken it.


Plus, my students play with it ALL the time. I won’t lie, I do too.

Now, to get through tomorrow (the last day of school)!!!

End of the Year: A Reflection and Book List


I cannot believe I am in my last week of my second year of teaching. In some ways this year has gone by so fast, and in others it has dragged on. I guess that’s the way it is in my profession. This year has been SO different from my first year of teaching. I have faced more challenges while still developing more as the person I want to be as a teacher. With that being said, I have come up with a list of goals for next year (patience being one of them). These goals will help shape myself further into the teacher that I want to be (and the teacher i’d want my children to have). Those goals are for another post. 🙂

But, wow! What a year! Needless to say, I am soaking in these last few days with my students. A few of my kiddos will be moving on to kindergarten, but most of them will just be moving up to Pre-K 4 at my school (yep, I teach a bunch of rambunctious 3 year olds!). I am so very ready for summer, but I know I will feel a bit of sadness seeing my student leave (3 and 4 year olds grow up SO much over the summer). I know these kids of mine will look much older 3 months down the road. I look forward to seeing them in the halls in the Fall.

This year started out pretty tough. I (among a few other teachers at my school) had to move classrooms. Then shortly after the year began, I had to up and leave my students for a few days as my grandmother passed away. That was very difficult seeing as the year had just begun. I am so thankful for all the people that surround me at my job. My coworkers have not only helped my students, but they have helped me in countless ways!

Although this year has been rough in some ways, I know that teaching is the profession for me and the school I am at is the place I want to teach!

Here are a few pics from this year.

Oh, the memories!

For this post, I have compiled a list of books that I enjoy reading to my students and some that I have available on my classroom bookshelf at the end of the year. The books on my bookshelf rotate by each unit, as I certainly do not want my kiddos to get bored of the books available (or be overwhelmed by a billion books like last year).

I love the little library in my classroom. I used to have a different book shelf that was more challenging to organize. I like having the books displayed for the students. It’s also easy for the children to put the books back (although many have fallen behind the shelf).

On to the books…

Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses– Kids love Pete the Cat. I read Pete the Cat year-round, but this version is perfect to lead the kids into summer. I mean, sunglasses? Can’t get too much more “summery” than that. A bonus is that this book has a great message for the students! Pete thinks his glasses are magical because they help him see things in a better (happier) perspective, but he learns that in reality, he does not need the glasses to see the good in things. I read this book to my students last week. It may be a good book to read on the last week next year…and i’ll give the kids sunglasses to go with it! *Now for me to NOT forget this idea by next year*

Aqualicious– I have not read this book to my students. It is part of the Pinkalicious series. Unfortunately, I did not read any books from that series this year, but I will add Pinkalicious next year (into one of the weeks leading up to valentines day). I read Pinkalicious and Emeraldalicious to a class when I was a substitute teacher a couple years ago (it was in the plans left by the teacher), and they loved it! I just know that I will be incorporating these books into my teaching next year, including Aqualicious at the end of the year. This is actually the first time I have seen this exact book, but look how fun the illustrations are (I love the ocean). And anything ocean related is great for leading into summertime!

Oh, the Places You Will Go- You’d be lying if you told me you have never heard of this classic Seuss book. It is a great send-off for students moving on. I read this book last year on the last day of school (most of my students were 5 by then) and I won’t lie, It went right over their heads. I felt like I was reading it more for myself than for them. Seeing as my students are even younger this year, I opted out of reading it aloud. This book is still a good one to display. The illustrations are great and kids will enjoy flipping through the pages.

Puddle Pug– All I have to say about this is: I like pugs. A lot. I put all of my pug related books out on the shelf at the end of the year. I could put them out for display during the animal unit, however I have SO many animal related books, and would never want my pug books to be hidden in the back behind zoo, farm and ocean animal books. Never. *I have more pug books where that came from!*

Picture Atlas and My First Big Book of Why– Unit 11 is all about exploration. I obviously don’t read these books out loud to my class, but I do have them out on the shelf. It is interesting to sit with a student as they flip through the Atlas. The kids will say the funniest things (seeing as they are very new to learning about maps).

Off to Kindergarten–  This book, and many others with similar titles are on my shelf for obvious reasons. It is the end of the year, and some of the students are headed to kinder! I read this book out loud last year, since all of my students were going to kinder. I just have it on the shelf this year seeing as the majority of my kiddos are moving to Pre K 4.

Where the Wild Things Are– As mentioned above, we are currently finishing up our unit about explorations. This is probably one of the ultimate children’s stories (among others) about exploration.

There you have it, some great end of the year books. I must add, I am by no means a very experienced teacher. I am just finishing my second year and have a lot to learn, therefore I am not claiming to be a super pro teacher. I just love what I do. 🙂

What I Wore [to work] Wednesday

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My first official “What I Wore to Work Wednesday” post! Also, my second to last of the year, as summer is almost upon us. Only 7 more days until vacation!

For these posts, I will document outfits that I wore to work (just like the title states!). Most of the images will be mirror selfies. My weeks are super busy, and I do not have time to document my clothing with fancy photos. I hope these do the job just fine.

On to the outfits…


A little gold/pink/and navy for a Monday. I am lucky enough to work at a school that allows us to wear jeans. If ya know me, you know i’m not just going to wear jeans and a t-shirt (most of the time). I have to spice it up a bit!

For this outfit, I stuck with 3 colors that look well together. The pink shirt is the perfect pop of color with the navy/gold cardigan (I have had that cardigan for over 7 years, and have yet to part with it). Lastly, I added a statement tassel necklace and my gold Toms to complete the look.

Shop this look:

The tassel necklace was purchased from Charming Charlie’s. It was on sale for $6.50. I cannot find it on the store website but here are more tassel necklaces from CC’s. I also love this option from The Purple Peridot (or if pink is your color, this pink tassel necklace)!

The gold TOMS are sold out, but check out their website for tons of other options.

Pink shirt is from Target. This shirt is always sold at Target, but the colors change by season.


Well, darn! The pictures are blurry, but you get the idea.

Pink pants, fruit shirt, nude shoes and a wild pair of earrings! I just love the colors in this look.

Shop this look

Earrings are from H&M

Similar pants here. The brand of my pants is Stylus. I have seen the exact pair I am wearing in the store recently, but for some reason they do not have the same color online.

fruit shirt from

The flats are out of stock, but a similar (and more fun) pair can be found here.

*Side note*

It can be difficult to wear statement earrings as a teacher of pre-k aged children. I don’t wear as many big earrings in the beginning of the year. It is always good to get a feel of my students before bringing in the big stuff. My class this year loves my big jewelry. They may touch the jewelry every once in a while (which I don’t mind…if there is no pulling). The large pieces of jewelry are also surprisingly soothing for the little guys. These tassels are soft, so my kiddos like to mess with them (which I only allow when it is not a distraction to learning). I NEVER wear hoops, because those are just calling out “PULL ME”!


womp womp. I was not feeling very good on Wednesday and ended up taking a half day. Therefore it was a work shirt, jeans and gray toms kind of day. Woohoo!

Thanks for reading! Next week will be my last What I Wore to Work Wednesday post of the school year.