Back To School With THE Best Teacher Planner



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Teacher’s I know it’s CRAZY to say this, but the beginning of the school year is right around the corner. I always begin preparation for the upcoming school year at the end of July, and with that comes finding the perfect planner. I have tried so many different brands throughout my last few years teaching, and i’m very pleased to report I have  finally found the perfect teaching planner for me. SHP Planner’s is a brand I came across when searching through Etsy. This company creates custom planners for your needs; from basic day-to-day planners, teacher planners and even wedding planners.

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Teacher Tuesday: Recycled Instruments

Today I thought i’d share a fun activity I have been doing with my students the last couple of weeks. We have been collecting materials that can be recycled and turning them into instruments! The unit we are currently on teaches recycling, so I thought this would be a fun activity to get students to participate in recycling. Plus, we get to make a little bit of music!

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Teacher Tuesday: Hanukkah Goodie Bags


Last week we officially began our holiday unit. I make it a point to really hit holidays other than christmas on the first week of this unit, as we spend so much of the next couple weeks doing Christmasy activities. One of the holidays we focused on last week was Hanukkah. The kiddos really loved this lesson and enjoyed learning some of the vocabulary that goes along with this holiday. Most (if not all) of my students celebrate Christmas, so it is important to give them a glance at some other holidays. I really wish we had more time, but I feel like we got a lot out of 1 week.

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Teacher Tuesday: Gingerbread Bakery


I am officially on Thanksgiving vacation! When on vacation, I certainly do not want to go into work to finish up last minute things, therefore I made sure to get my classroom all prepped for the holidays before leaving on Friday. When the kiddos return, they will come back to a new dramatic play center; the gingerbread bakery! Continue reading “Teacher Tuesday: Gingerbread Bakery”

You Do You, Girlfriend!

Pencil Skirt:Target // Belt: Vintage // Blazer: Shein // Heels: Nordstrom Rack

I had my parent-teacher conferences this Thursday. As always, I was planning on the perfect and professional outfit to wear! I have had big plans to wear my gingham pencil skirt to conferences ever since I bought it (in June). When planning out my outfit the day before, I put on the skirt and (just as I did the other times I have worn it) LOVED how it looked and felt.  Continue reading “You Do You, Girlfriend!”

Teacher Tuesday: Fine Motor Skills!

Last week, the teachers at my school got to attend a class that was about teaching writing skills to pre-k aged students. This was the first of a three part session, and I cannot wait to learn more! Session 1 focused primarily on fine motor skills, as that is the first step to developing writing skills. I got to explore a variety of fine motor activities which inspired me to create a fine motor center in my classroom. finemotor2 Continue reading “Teacher Tuesday: Fine Motor Skills!”