Baby in Tulle


Mike and I are so excited to announce that we are expecting a baby in early August! Being a mother has been a dream of mine for a while, and now we are making that happen. We found out that I am pregnant the day after Thanksgiving. I was so overjoyed, yet extremely nervous as I found out so early. Any other mother’s or mothers to be know how hard it is to get through that first trimester (still one more week! Ugh). Some things I learned during the very early stages of my pregnancy (as I was only 3 weeks along when we found out) are:

Click “Read More” to find out what I have learned so far, and to see if it’s a baby boy or baby girl!

  • Enjoy the moment.
  • Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and be excited for all that can go right! (That goes along with living in the moment.)
  • STAY OFF GOOGLE…This is a hugeeeeeee one. Anything that I was nervous about was only made worse by googling it.
  • Do NOT tolerate judgement from the mommy’s who know best. But DO take tips!
  • When you think you cannot be more exhausted…just wait…it get’s worse.
  • Not all pregnant women throw up. This was something I was actually nervous about! I thought something could be wrong because I wasn’t vomiting. Don’t get me wrong, the nausea was all there!
  • Announce when you feel ready. There is really no right time. Some people like to wait until they are out of the first trimester, and some would rather do it earlier. For us, we announced at 9 weeks. I decided that I wanted to celebrate this baby no matter what and no matter how early, plus it’s nice to have the support of loved ones. I know I’ve waited a bit longer to announce here.

There are many more things I have learned, and I know so many new lessons are in the near future! We are just now in the 13th week, so there is still quite a while to go, and a lot of growing to be done. For now Mike and I are enjoying the days while our little one is still in my belly. I always imagined I would be attached to my little babe from day one of finding out, but living it is even better. People may think I’m a bit crazy as I’m always holding my belly (There is a tiny bump sprouting..I promise!).

About a week ago, we got to find out whether we are having a baby boy or a baby girl. We opted to do the genetic blood testing just to see how little one was doing…plus we got to find out the gender earlier than usual.

The “Baby in Tulle” is officially…..


A BABY GIRL!!! (Fitting, right?)  We were so surprised because for some reason we had strong suspicions she was a little boy. I think I deep down wanted a girl, so I cried happy tears immediately after finding out, although I’m sure the tears would have come regardless. I’d be overjoyed regardless. Her name is Claire Olivia and she is due August 5th, 2018!


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