How to Style Family Photo’s + Our 2017 Christmas Card


Photography: Krysten Alise Photography

*This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are my own.

Happy December, friends! In honor of one of my favorite months beginning, I have decided to share pics from our first family photo session as a married couple. My best friend, Krysten is a photographer and took these amazing photos!

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Mike and I decided that our backyard is the perfect place for our yearly family photo session. Easy and no fuss. This rock bench looked like it was meant for pictures! I have decided to turn this into a yearly tradition: taking our photos in the backyard. It will be so fun to see how our little family grows and changes throughout the years.

Speaking of family photos, the most important detail are the outfits! I am no professional at planning family photos, however I feel I am pretty good at picking out outfits. When preparing for your session, you need to have a color palette that your whole family can follow. Common color schemes families use in the fall are neutrals along with maroon, burgundy, mustard, navy & shades of dark green. I may follow those colors one day, but for our first family photos as a married couple, I had to have some pink! I did not want to force my husband to wear pink, so I stuck with grey as the main color. I thew a grey vest over my pink sweater to match a little more with Mike. Speaking of matching, you do not want to be too matchy-matchy! Find pieces that mix and match! That is why I did not wear a full gray top.

I ordered our christmas cards, which you can see below from Shutterfly. I love all of their options and how easy they make the process. Sticking true to myself, I decided to order the brightest Christmas card there was! It’s safe to say that I LOVE our first Ruge Christmas card…in fact, I like it more than our wedding invitations! If you order anything from Shutterfly, which I suggest you do…don’t forget that there is almost always a fantastic discount code for checkout! I got our Christmas Cards for 40% off.

Have an amazing Friday, y’all. It’s almost the weekend!

♥ Katie

*My sweater can be found here.*


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