TIME to go back to school with JORD Watches!


Guy’s, it is SO hard to believe that school is about to begin. I know I know…i’ve been talking about this for about the last month, but it’s actually about time now! With that being said, I need to get back into a proper work routine. There is no better accessory to help me with that than my JORD watch.

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JORD Watches are seriously the perfect time piece. First of all, look how gorgeous and classic my watch is! The wood links makes this watch such a timeless accessory. JORD watches come in a variety of different wood types and shades. My exact watch is the “Frankie 35” series, made with zebra wood. Head here to shop different sizes and colors.

Not only do I love the color of my watch, but it also fits SO well. The lovely designers of JORD watches include a size chart that makes ordering your exact size easy. This is something I ALWAYS struggle with when it comes to purchasing watches. I have tiny wrists which are a huge pain. Luckily this problem was alleviated when it came to this watch. Because of the perfect sizing guide, I can now wear my watch comfortably to work knowing it won’t slide off every time I move my hand!

I am so excited to announce that JORD and I have partnered together to giveaway a $100 gift code! Be sure to head here to enter. This giveaway will close on Sunday, August 20th, so be sure to enter ASAP!

Shop women’s watches here.

Shop men’s watches here.

Below I have styled my watch 2 different ways.

In collaboration with JORD Wood Watches.


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