Bridals at the Dallas Arboretum


Photographer: Krysten Alise Photography

I am so excited to share my bridal portraits with y’all. Our wedding was on the beach in Port Aransas, but I wanted some bridals that had a more romantic feel. The Dallas Arboretum is the perfect setting. I love seeing all of the gorgeous flowers, trees and  water fountains. But the best part of the experience was seeing other brides taking their photos as well. It is so fun to share the moment with other brides. Even if we don’t talk, that smile and thumbs up across the field shows the comradery brides have amongst each other. 

The bridal photo shoot is one of the most important photo sessions a girl can have. I am so very fortunate to have my best friend (since elementary school) take my photos. Krysten is an amazing photographer and has been taking photos for me and all my friends for years. Needless to say, my bridal session was so much fun  having my best friend by my side. One of my other bridesmaids, Janet also joined us. She was a huge help! Brides, I definitely recommend bringing a pal or two along for your bridal shoot. That way you have someone other than the photographer to fix your dress, push back loose hairs and dab the sweat off your face! (My photo session was in June, and it was HOT!)

Lastly, I have to talk about my beloved bridal gown. You guys, i’m obsessed! I was very fortunate to have a family friend who is a seamstress make my dress. Because of this, I was able to have my dress dreams come true! Jennifer (who made my dress) is my husbands best friends mom…I know, that is a lot to follow! Haha. She lives in New York and flew down to visit her son shortly after Mike and I got engaged. I was beyond shocked when she offered (or insisted) to make my dress..for free! It’s been 2 years since our engagement, and I still feel so overwhelmed with joy that Jennifer made my dress. This makes my dress even more special!

I though i’d share a bit about the dress creation process. My first step was to go to bridal boutiques and try on dresses to get an idea of what silhouette I liked. I originally thought i’d want a trumpet style gown, however I FELL IN LOVE with the A-line silhouette. I felt that design was much more flattering for my body type. I took photos of myself in the dress I liked the most to send to Jeniffer. She used these pictures to create sketches. Then, in November Mike, Daniel (Our friend and Jennifer’s son) and I went to New York for a visit. Jenn and I spent the evenings dealing with measurements and design details. The days were spend adventuring around NYC. I then did a final fitting visit in May. This was a very quick trip where Jenn finished my dress and I finally got to bring it home!

My main requirements for my dress were a big bow and a sweetheart neckline. As you can see, Jennifer definitely followed through! My original idea was for a strapless dress, however Jenn came up with the fabulous idea to create a beaded halter with a clear fabric so that the sweetheart was still visible. Another change was that I originally wanted a huge, structured bow, but Jenn showed me the benefit of a very loose bow, which ended up being perfect for a beach wedding. The bow she added to my dress flowed perfectly in the beach breeze.

I am obsessed with my dress! it turned out GORGEOUS and was a huge hit at the wedding. It is definitely a dress I will treasure for the rest of my life.


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