Back To School With THE Best Teacher Planner



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Teacher’s I know it’s CRAZY to say this, but the beginning of the school year is right around the corner. I always begin preparation for the upcoming school year at the end of July, and with that comes finding the perfect planner. I have tried so many different brands throughout my last few years teaching, and i’m very pleased to report I have  finally found the perfect teaching planner for me. SHP Planner’s is a brand I came across when searching through Etsy. This company creates custom planners for your needs; from basic day-to-day planners, teacher planners and even wedding planners.

Click “Continue Reading” to get a full look inside my planner and to receive a discount code!

SHP Planner’s gives you the option to choose from many whimsical covers and even choose the month you want your planner to begin. If given the option, I always opt to have my planner begin in July, because oftentimes I take professional development courses during this month.

Following, I will give you a tour of my planner.

Take a look inside!



As you can see, the cover is heavy duty, with a plastic protector in the front to make sure the beautiful print stays safe.

Full Calendar

The first page is a 2 year layout, giving a great visual. This is also where you can enter your personal information.


The next two page takes you to this monthly layout. This is a great place to highlight vacations, staff development days, early release days, etc.


Let the planning begin!

Below is a look at the month at a glance page, where I will enter my appointments, conferences, etc. there is also a very nifty notes page at the front of each month. It’s alway good to have a space to jot down ideas


The photos below show a glimpse into the most important pages, in my opinion! Each week


Each week you enter your class/subject on the left. Then you can jot down what you will be doing in each subject Monday- Friday. I love that there is a space on the right page where you can write down what you need to do for the weekend. I’m also loving the little note/memo box and calendar view. If you are anything like me, you always need a view of the month!

“Classroom” Tab

The final tab in this planner contains a variety of important items every teacher needs! I will take you through each section.  The first page is another notebook sheet to enter notes.




It’s SO important to have a list of how each student arrives to school and how they get home!Image-96-1.png





Allergies & Health


Student Notes

There are 4 of these pages.Image-103.png

Parent Communication

There are 2 of these pages.Image-104.png

Student Contacts

This page is fabulous for teachers in the older grades. I teach Pre-K, so I may continue it as a resource for parent contact, however those students in older grades get their own emails. This is the space to jot all those down.Image-105.png

Record Keeping

This planner has 4 pages for record keeping. This is a great spot for attendance or grades.Image-106.png

The classroom tab ends with another note page.

Important Stuff

Because every planner needs a pocket to hold important documents and papers!Image-93-2.png

The final page of this planner has a fun printed quote. Image-95-2.pngImage-96-2.png

So there you have it, my new favorite Teacher Planner! As you can see, this planner is FILLED with page upon page of planning resources. Other details I love about this planner are the size, heavy duty tabs and color scheme.

First off, this planner is not unbelievably big like some planners I have come across. It is the perfect size at 7.5″ x 9″. Just enough to fit all the information you need while not being too bulky. Second, the tabs are just perfection as they are laminated so they do not tear. The tabs are also included in my third favorite aspect of this planner; the color scheme. You can see the fun pastel colors throughout the pages above.

If you are interested in purchasing a custom planner for the 2017-2018 school year, head to this site. There you will find all the fun cover options. Enter BACKTOSCHOOL10 at checkout to receive 10% off your purchase!

Happy planning, fellow teachers!

♥ Katie

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