Summer Romper & The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Image-95.pngImage-104.pngRomper: H&M // Belt: Amazon // Wedges: Crown Vintage (DSW) // Handbag: Shop Wildly (Vintage Coach) // Choker: Charming Charlie


Today I am sharing a sweet romper that is perfect for the season. It is such a fun piece with the ruffles, color and tie back details.  Another bonus is that it’s super comfortable! 

I purchased this romper in-store at H&M. Definitely size up as it tends to bunch up in the crotch area (serious yikes!). I love how it looks, but it tends to be problematic when you continuously have to pull down the front. HAH! Sorry if this is TMI, but y’all know I’m always going to be completely honest with my readers. Despite that fact, it is such a cute summer item. I have linked a couple other ruffled rompers above.

This fun summer outfit leads me into my next subject, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. As many of you may know, this sale features all of the new items for upcoming seasons. Yes, it sounds crazy to shop for Fall & Winter pieces in the middle of summer, but there are some great deals and prices go back up once the sale is over. Early access (for Nordstrom card holders) is from July 13th – 20th. Access for those that do not have a card is July 21st- Ausgust 6th. I have heard items go fast, so get to shopping ASAP!

Now, I’m going to be real with you. I have read MANY tips and tricks for this sale, however I don’t have any of my own. Why? Because I honestly do not shop at Nordstrom very often. I do love Nordstrom and have found some amazing clothing items and accessories, however I cannot justify the prices for a lot of the pieces. When I go to Nordstrom, I shop the sales and basics, and sometimes I find fun items for the current season at affordable prices (It’s just that I’m often drawn to the pieces I cannot afford).

Another reason I do not have too much information on the sale is because I cannot stand shopping under pressure. Last year I  checked out this sale (when I was not a card holder) near the end and it was crazy. I can’t imagine what it’s like at the beginning. Taking my time and minimal crowds is my jam! I know what you may say…what about online shopping? I do enjoy shopping online occasionally, but I prefer shopping in-store if available so I can make sure my purchases fit correctly.

That being said, I have a Nordstrom card this year, and I WILL check out the sale online during early access. I’m sure i’ll purchase a couple of fun things which I will share with you in the future! I look forward to living vicariously through those of you that go all out during this sale, because I know you will all find some fabulous Fall/Winter pieces! Happy Shopping!


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