A Fashionably Late Fourth of July Look


I feel like there is this huge misconception that you always have to buy a new outfit for an occasion. I won’t lie, I often get excited for a holiday or event and run out to purchase something new to wear. But ladies and gents! Please do not forget that hidden trove of treasures you have at your home; also known as your closet!  

Lately my favorite thing to do is dig on my closet and find some hidden treasures. This is super easy and fun to do for holidays, especially those that have color themes. Fourth of July is simple. Find something red, something white AND something blue, and voila! You have a festive, patriotic outfit.

I’ll fill you in on the deets of my patriotic look. This will be a little different from my usual posts as this outfit is all items from past years/seasons. I will try my best to link similar items below.

  • The A-line skirt was purchased onAmazon last year.  It is a classic item that I wear ALL.THE.TIME!
  • Now for my favorite! The pumps. I purchased these pumps in-store at Steve Madden. I love the suede vintage look. The chunky heel also makes them easier to walk in.
  • My necklace is so fun! I purchased it in-store from the sale section at Charming Charlie. The tassels look like little fire crackers, which is perfect for the fourth!
  • The white ruffled blouse is from Shein. I purchased it online last August. Like my skirt, I wear this top a lot.



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