Come On In: My Home Office Tour


I realized I have not shared much about our new home since we moved in March. Today, I decided to show you all my favorite room in the entire house; my office/craft room! This is the space where I spend at least 60% of my time in. 

When moving in, Mike and I compromised on rooms. He gets the big open upstairs living space to create his home theater and I get the front office. I am so glad I get this space for many reasons. One, being this is the first room you see when entering our home, and I like to think I am better at decorating than Mike is! Also, this room has wooden floors which I like to craft on. Oftentimes, I opt out of using a table and spread all my stuff out on the floor. It gives much more room for creativity.

Not only do I craft in here, but I also do all of my blogging and lesson planning in this space. Chances are you will find me almost every evening of the school year in this room getting things ready for the next day.


Crafting Space:

This corner of the room has my craft table (which is a card table I purchased from Walmart 7 years ago). As you can see below, I have my Cricut beside the table as well as all of my gift wrapping supplies and Project Life materials. Project Life is one of my favorite hobbies. It is basically scrapbooking with less cutting and glueing. I’ll share more  on that at a later time.


This shelf contains all of my basic crafting supplies from glue, sewing materials, stickers, Mod Podge, etc.


cricut projectGhost-Victoria_Angle51475875aee55631-eab8-49f4-b427-c242d616f2fc_1.a421b1cb7d9ff8aa3d0ef7b860ad5cc920bdab43-543c-4255-8b62-f3fc84511328_1.56d236162b8b4e73bb745928e2047977

Office Space:

This area is where everything from blogging to lesson planning happens! Lately, It is also my space to write out all those wedding thank you notes. I love how cozy and personal everything in this room is. As you can see, I have various art pieces hanging up. Those purple canvases with flowers were made by myself using a blank canvas, the Cricut to make the flowers and paint. The watermelon canvas is from Hobby Lobby.


  • I am obsessed with that lamp! I purchased it at an antique store in Denton.
  • My last name banner was made by one of my best friends, Janet for my Bridal Shower.
  • My girlfriend Chelsie and I made the giant scrapbook paper flowers 7 years ago. Still one of my favorite projects ever!


  • I also have my Chatbooks displayed on my desk. I decided to start using Chatbooks when I began using Instagram a few years ago. I am obsessed with documenting my life, so I thought these fun little books would be an easy and affordable way to save my memories.
  • I use the blue cart to store all my jewelry making supplies. (Little known fact, I love to make necklaces.)



Reading Nook:

This corner of my room has my favorite chair. Mike got this chair for me on my birthday, and I cannot get enough of it! I also have some fun little knick knacks in this area.



I tried my best to link as many items as I can from my office. A lot of the pieces seen above were purchased at consignment shops or were bought years ago. Thank you for coming in and taking a look at my favorite space! Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

♥ Katie

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