DIY Sun Hat


I decided to make each of my girls a custom sun hat for my bachelorette trip to Galveston. It was such a fun process to create these, and I had to share! I actually started making these back in November and finished around January (I had 8 to create).

What You Will Need:

  • Sun Hats: I ordered hats similar to these. Mine came in sets of 4, making it much cheaper.
  • Sequins String: I purchased spools here. I still have sequins for days!!
  • Pom Pom String: I picked up various colors from Joann’s
  • Needle and Thread



I want to start off by saying that these were so fun to design! I picked out colors based on each of my girl’s personalities!

The Steps:

  1. Pin the pom pom string right above the brim of the hat. Be very careful, because the brim is VERY thick, making it difficult to put the pins in.Image-97-1.png
  2. Once you have pinned the entire length of the hat, you can begin sewing. Match the thread to the color of the poms to make your hat look neater. I always begin the sewing process underneath the hat, that way you cannot see the sloppy tied-off thread.Image-95-1.png
  3. This process takes a while, and a lot of thread. Be patient. You will need to re-thread your needle often. I do not like to begin with a super long piece of thread because it then gets tangled, which is super annoying! FYI, I sew in and out of the hat pretty closely together to make sure the pom poms are on pretty tight. (I hope this makes sense! I am not the best at sewing, and do not know all the terminology!) Image-93-2.png
  4. Once you have sewed the entire length of the hat, you have the perfect pom pom details right above the brim!Image-98-1.png
  5. Now we need to move onto the hard part: (What you say?! That wasn’t the hard part?!) Creating the letters! A lot of people use a white designer pencil to write out the words, but I did not even think about that and did it the difficult way; just by pinning the sequins string on without a guide. Pinning the sequins will be a challenge, as it shifts a lot. I usually put in a pin every single time the direct of the sequins changes. Just about 3 – 5 times per letter. I am not the best cursive writer, so you can imagine I am not the best at creating cursive letters with sequins strings! 


  6. As mentioned before, it will look very sloppy! The sewing process is when you get the opportunity to really “tidy up” the letters. I’m sure it looks much neater during this process because the thread is tightening up the sequins into the exact place you want it. Once again, match YOUR thread to the thread that makes up the sequins string. And just like with the pom poms, begin the sewing process under the hat. I always begin at the top sequins of the first letter. Sew the very first sequins in-and-out a few times to make sure the thread and sequins is in place. From there, you can sew the rest of the name or phrase. I ALWAYS go in from the top and then up from he bottom for every single sequins. This may sound confusing and tedious, but it guarantees a tight stitch. I took some close up photos with a bright colored thread so you can see the process!Image-94-1.pngAbove is showing me starting from UNDER the brim and making sure the needle goes through the hole. Go in and out a few times (As mentioned above). You can wrap the thread around the sequins, meaning it does not always have to go through the hole.hat2hat3hat1

Above, you can see I am going up with the needle from under the hat, then I stick the needle DOWN into the very next sequins hole. I then put the needle up through the same sequins to make sure it is secure and tight. Do this for the entire process. Once you get to the very end, go in-and-out a few times and then tie it off!

I hope you were able to keep up with this process. It takes a while, but once it’s finished you have a fun decorative sun hat! Below are some of the hats I created.




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