In honor of my 28th birthday today, I decided I would share 28 random facts about me! I don’t post much personal information on the blog, so this is a great opportunity for me to share a bit more about myself with you.

1. I LOVE pancakes! I could eat pancakes every day if I could.

2. I lived on a sail boat in the Caribbean for a little over 2 years (from age 2.5-5). My family just wanted some adventure, so sailing away we went. Our sailboat was named Serendipity. I have some memories of this trip, but not as many as i’d like. Most of my memories consist of eating popcorn on deck in my disney princess undies, my dad catching a Mahi Mahi, getting in trouble with my parents for picking up giant starfish and doing laundry in the towns we visited. Below is a snapshot of me during that time.


3. I cry easily…especially when I am so happy. Last year my friends gave me my first ever surprise party. Needless to say, I cried my eyes out.

4. I originally went to school to study fashion design. Mid Freshman year, I decided it wasn’t for me and changed my major. I am SO happy I changed my major to teaching. It is definitely the career for me!

5. My fiancé and I met the very first week I moved to Denton for college. who would’ve guessed then that almost 9 years later we would be getting married (clearly we chose the slowww and steady path).

6. I am a pug mom. Mike and I adopted our dog Wilbur 7 years ago when he was a tiny puppy (He was my 21st birthday present). We adopted our second pug, Choomie from DFW Pug Rescue last year. He was 11 years old at the time, but we fell in love. Our fur babies are our world.

7. I am obsessed with getting customized items with my future last name. Clearly I cannot wait to marry my man.

8. My best friend and I went to college together. We have been friends since elementary school in College Station and continue to be besties. I am so happy we both now live in DFW.

9. I love making my house a home, but do not have a specific decorating theme. If you come to my house, you will see a variety of everything…especially bright colors! Thankfully Mike does not seem to mind my crazy decorating style.

10. I love thunderstorms…especially on the weekends!

11. I love dressing up. I love it so much, that I am often overdressed.

12. To add on to number 11, I am lucky enough to work at a school that allows us to dress casually, but of course I still dress up…well up until lately. Ive been really lazy in the mornings lately.

13. I ran a half marathon with some co-workers in December of 2015. I have never been a strong runner, so this was definitely a HUGE accomplishment for me!

14. I am pretty little, but as a kid I was SUPER tiny. I looked like a 3 year old in kindergarten. I have lots of memories of people fawning over how “wittle” I was. The doctors coined it “delayed growth syndrome”. I still have not looked up if that is still a thing.

15. I was born in Maryland, but moved from there when I was 2 (to move onto the sailboat). Although I did not grow up there, I visit every year and have fond memories. It is such a beautiful place. I like to consider myself more of a yankee than a southerner.

16. Speaking of Maryland, my favorite food of all time is steamed blue crab with old bay. If you are from Maryland, then you know what i’m talking about! In fact, one of my favorite necklaces you may see in some photos have a little crab pendent.

17. I have an embarrassing love for Trash TV. By Trash TV, I mean shows like Real Housewives, Teen Mom, etc. I just cannot do dating shows.

18. I love dolphins. Always have, always will. In fact, I love them so much I made them the theme of my classroom.

19. I love to make necklaces. I opened an Etsy shop a few years ago, but nothing came of it.

20. I was a cheerleader from 5th grade to 12th grade. It was the one sport I stuck with. My parents literally had me try everything!

21. For the past three years, I have been OBSESSED with a pink chair from World Market. I saw it in store 3 years ago, and have wanted it ever since. Mike surprised me with the chair yesterday! Now I have to find a new obsession to ask for every holiday.

22. Mike and I love disney, but we were not sure how we felt about a Repunzel remake that happened a few years ago. I almost refused to see it because I thought it would be stupid. Thankfully we gave in due to hearing good things about it. Tangled immediately became one of my favorite movies of all time! In fact, some of our wedding is centered around Tangled!

23. We started gardening in our old house last year. We weren’t very good at it, but enjoyed it nonetheless. Unfortunately those garden beds are permanent, so we could not move them. My dad (the gardening guru) is going to help us build beds in the new house!

24. I am not a beer drinker. When I go out I either get fruity cocktails or Angry Orchard.

25. I LOVE bows! Bows should be on everything!

26. I got a pet king snake freshman year of college and then returned it 3 hours later. I realized I really wanted a puppy more and my snake, Sir Phillip was going to grow to be 6 feet long. You know, puppies are priority, and I did not want to think about my giant snake eating my little puppy. Yes, my mind works in strange ways.

27. Although my favorite color is hot pink, our wedding colors are coral and turquoise. Those two just seemed more appropriate for a beach wedding.

28. I love getting older. So many people dread each coming year. Not me…in fact, I have big plans for my 30th! Hopefully I look forward to each birthday for the rest of my life!

Thanks for reading and have a fabulous week!



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