Fruit Accessory Roundup

Hey y’all! Summer is around the corner, and with Summer comes all the fruit! The earrings above are one of my absolute favorite pairs EVER! The funny thing is that my first ever blog post featured these basket-weave earrings. This exact pair is vintage and was purchased from a consignment shop.  Even though I cannot find an exact replica of this pair,  I thought I’d round up a few of my favorite AFFORDABLE fruit accessories.

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Pink Lace

It’s no secret that pink is my signature color. When I come across a gorgeous dress in my color and price range, I’ve got to have it! With all the wedding festivities in the near future, I am on the hunt for the perfect outfits. Currently, my girls are in the process of planning a bachelorette trip in Galveston, and the only thing I know is that I will wear pink while they wear black. Of course I requested that I get to wear pink instead of the usual white. I’ll save the white for my bridal shower and wedding! Continue reading “Pink Lace”

Mrs. Ruge Sunhat


As many of you may already know, I am getting married in June. With a Summer wedding comes a Summer bachelorette party and a Summer honeymoon. One thing I MUST have when in the sun is a big brimmed hat to protect myself from the sun (and of course to look cute in!). I’m absolutely loving the big floppy sunhat trend happening this season. Seeing all these fabulous hats inspired me to get a customized hat with my future name on it.  Continue reading “Mrs. Ruge Sunhat”

Colorful Crop Top


Happy Monday friends. How was your Easter weekend? Ours was pretty low-key. We started out our holiday weekend by hosting our housewarming cookout on Friday. It was so much fun having our friends over for food and fun while showing off our new home. Cookouts are pretty much our go-to events, as Mike is a beast with the grill and I love hosting guests. Easter Sunday was spent relaxing with loved ones. Now I am enjoying a much needed day-off from work. The school district I work in never had to use our bad weather days, so in exchange, we got a 4-day weekend!

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Tasseled Dress


If you are a teacher, I am sure you are officially on the count down to summer! If not, then after Easter, it’s on! This time of the school year is always exhausting and exciting. School is winding down, but we are still moving at a super-fast pace. Trying to get in all the learning and spend as much quality time as possible with the students is top priority. Thankfully,  The weather is finally just about perfect (most of the time), so I get to take the kiddos outside alot. With that comes lots of learning and quality time.

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Pom Poms + Espadrilles


Espadrilles are definitely trending this season! I am loving all the pairs I am seeing out and about. After seeing so many bloggers post about how comfortable and versatile they are, I decided to go out and find a pair for myself. These shiny beauties are quite possibly my favorite pair of shoes in my closet! They are stylish, comfy & sparkly! I love that they not only make a huge statement but are also practical for work! As a pre-k teacher, it is so important that I can run around and be active with my kiddos. These espadrilles allow me to do just that!  Continue reading “Pom Poms + Espadrilles”

Spring + Summer Sandals


Y’all, I cannot tell you how long I have been trying to find a great pair of pom pom sandals that fit my tiny feet! My problem is that I have kid-sized feet. I don’t know why they are so tiny, they just are! In fact, they are so little that people often ask me how I walk. I am not kidding. I am happy to report that these little feet work just fine! In fact, I ran a half-marathon in them a year ago! Continue reading “Spring + Summer Sandals”