Teacher Tuesday: Recycled Instruments

Today I thought i’d share a fun activity I have been doing with my students the last couple of weeks. We have been collecting materials that can be recycled and turning them into instruments! The unit we are currently on teaches recycling, so I thought this would be a fun activity to get students to participate in recycling. Plus, we get to make a little bit of music!

The first step is to compile all your supplies. I collected anything from my home and the classroom that could be recycled. It is always a good idea to ask your student’s parents to donate items, however I waited too long and forgot to ask! (Procrastinator). No worries though, I found just enough items to allow each student to create their own instrument. I then went to my favorite closet in the classroom:

This closet holds all of my craft materials! I just took a bunch of fun stuff out of the closet and let the kids go to town.


I let the kiddos get crazy and make a mess. They had a blast!

Here are our final results:


These were boxes that were filled with rice.



Boxes without rice. Students can use their hands or use popsicle sticks as drumsticks.


Rain Sticks:

Paper towel rolls with rice inside.



Paper towel rolls with no rice. Students make sounds into their instruments and pretend to play them.



Toilet paper rolls with cupcake liners.



Various containers that could hold rice.


Now for the fun:

We play our instruments while we listen to songs. It is also fun to call on each instrument at a time to test their knowledge! The kiddos LOVED this activity.



Thanks for reading. Tune in tomorrow to check out my  weekly outfits!

♥ Katie

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