Fun & Non-traditional Valentines Gift Guide for Girly-Girls

Is it just me or is time going by so fast?! I cannot believe Valentines Day is right around the corner.

I don’t know about you, but I love Valentines Day. I think any holiday to celebrate loved ones is a great idea! Of course we should celebrate our loved ones every day, but why not have an extra special day added into the mix. Holidays are just fun…and there is no argument to that.

I found some fun gift ideas for the ladies who are tired of getting the same ‘ol box of chocolates and flowers. Don’t get me wrong. I like flowers and I am a HUGE fan of chocolate, however it is always fun to get something different. These gifts are perfect to either give to your significant other or to your best gal pals!



1. Bicycle Pillow: This pillow is SO cute and fun. Perfect for a girl who has a love for shabby chic home decor.

2. iPhone Case: Everyone needs a phone case. This one would be great for the girly-girl who is always on her phone!

3. Frenchie Pajama Set: I am LOVING all of the clothing items featuring pugs and french bull dogs lately. This pajama set is so cute. It is perfect for any dog lovers, especially for all the frenchie mama’s out there (and there are a lot!).

4. Dream Catcher Kit: I absolutely love gifts that involve doing or making something. This dream catcher kit would be great to give to your bestie as a girls-night craft or to your significant other for a date night in.

5. Glass Trinket Tray: All of us girly-girls need a place to keep our everyday jewelry. This tray is so much fun…in fact I may just need to purchase this myself.

6. Tea Set: When I came across this tea set, I knew I had to put it on the list. This set may be a bit pricey, however it would be a wonderful gift for someone who likes to drink tea on the daily. I also think it would be an adorable display.

7. Sigune Drops: All fashionista’s need some funky baubles in their jewelry box! These earrings are so much fun. I am loving the sparkle, the tassels, and the fact that they are pink!

8. Heart Tights: Winter is not over yet therefore we still need items in our closet to keep us warm. Why not get your friend or lover some fun and festive tights.

9. Pink Wallet: Because we all need something to hold our change.

10. Pizza Socks: Pizza. Socks. What else can I say?


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