Outerwear I Love

Hey y’all! The holidays are over, but we still have a few more months of cold weather ahead of us. I have rounded up 4 of my favorite outerwear styles.

Photography: Beckley & Co.

1. Pea Coat


I love wearing my pea coat out and about in the winter. It is so cozy and keeps me super warm. This coat is perfect for the really cold days we experience in January. This coat is from H&M, but is no longer in stock. Other great options are linked below.


2. Swing Coat


This coat is a lot like a pea coat, but not quite as thick. I purchased my swing coat a couple years ago from a little boutique in Maryland. I love swing coats because they are a bit longer than some other coat styles and have a flared silhouette. Swing coats often have lots of fun details like bold buttons and cute collars. I wear this coat often with dresses and my A-line skirts.


3. Utility Jacket


I purchased this utility jacket in the fall, and have not regretted this decision for a single minute. This piece of outerwear is perfect for the fall when the temps begin to drop, and again in the spring as the weather starts warming up. I love my utility jacket because it is made with a lighter material than my big winter coats. I wear my utility jacket all the time, as it is not always cold during the Texas winters. This jacket also provides so much storage with an abundance of pockets hidden all over. It is great for a teacher who needs to carry things all around school. I would have to say it is probably the most used piece of outerwear in my closet. Great news is that this exact jacket is still in stock. I have also linked a really fun pink utility jacket!


4. Poncho


My final favorite piece of outerwear is the poncho. I absolutely love my poncho. This style of outerwear is fun to wear and very functional. The best thing about a poncho is that it’s basically a blanket restyled as a piece of clothing. What could be more perfect during these winter months? I wear this poncho out on the town a lot as well as lounge around in it at home. I purchased this poncho during the Black Friday craziness from The Limited. It is still available in-store, however I have been unable to find it online.


So there you have it. My 4 favorite outerwear styles! There are so many other great options out there, but these are the styles I wear most often. Have a fabulous weekend and stay warm!


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