Thrifting into the New Year


Photographer: Meghan Seidel

Happy New Year everyone! My resolution for this year is to be more thrifty and spend less! Of course I will still be hitting up my usual shopping places (H&M, Target, Forever21, etc) but I really want to get back into shopping at Goodwill and other consignment shops. I was SO good at this in high school, y’all. Like, SO GOOD! I always went to our local Goodwill in College Station and wore those pieces to perfection.

As I’ve gotten older I have strayed away from consignment shops (not completely). But not any more! Thrifting leads you to FABULOUS finds for super duper cheap! This past weekend, I was in Austin with my sister (who is also a photographer). She took me to the local Goodwills and then introduced me to the Goodwill Blue Hanger Outlet. 

Let me tell you, it sure was an experience! Basically, Blue Hanger is the first stop for Goodwill donations (therefore it is not organized and not super clean). Despite those setbacks, you can find so much as you are one of the first groups of people going through that selection. At Blue Hanger, they roll one giant blue bin out at a time for you to pick through. In all, I’d say there are about 50 bins out at a time, however there is a huge line of people waiting to race to the new bin being rolled out. I avoided that spot and went to the bins that have already been out for a while.

One rule of thumb when searching through these bins is to keep an eye out for colors, patterns and fabrics you like. I was on the hunt for pink, tulle and vibrant pieces. Surprisingly I found a lot of items in only 30 minutes time!

When you check out, they have you put the clothing in a weighted cart. The price was about $1 per pound of clothing. In all, I paid $16.00! My haul included pieces from Loft, Banana Republic, Nasty Gal, etc. I also found some fun vintage items.

Needless to say, it was a great experience and I will be going back for sure! The bottom photo shows my entire Blue Hanger haul!

FYI…definitely wash your clothing from Blue Hanger before wearing. I washed mine a couple times.


Top: Zara // Jeggings: Target // Boots: Crown Vintage // Earrings: Bauble Bar // Bag: Target


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