Teacher Tuesday: Gingerbread Bakery


I am officially on Thanksgiving vacation! When on vacation, I certainly do not want to go into work to finish up last minute things, therefore I made sure to get my classroom all prepped for the holidays before leaving on Friday. When the kiddos return, they will come back to a new dramatic play center; the gingerbread bakery!

I used this dramatic play center in my classroom last year as well, and it was a huge success! The students can focus on so many skills while playing here. First of all, kiddos practice being bakers and customers. We just finished our community helper unit, so this is perfect. Other skills that can be practiced in this center are counting (one-to-one correspondence),  following directions (recipe), sorting, and of course cleaning up!

I purchased the printables here!

The rest of the items were either found in my classroom or purchased from the dollar store.


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! May your hearts be grateful and your belly’s full!

♥ Katie

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