You Do You, Girlfriend!

Pencil Skirt:Target // Belt: Vintage // Blazer: Shein // Heels: Nordstrom Rack

I had my parent-teacher conferences this Thursday. As always, I was planning on the perfect and professional outfit to wear! I have had big plans to wear my gingham pencil skirt to conferences ever since I bought it (in June). When planning out my outfit the day before, I put on the skirt and (just as I did the other times I have worn it) LOVED how it looked and felt. 

Next thing I know, I am looking at my side profile in the mirror and judging every single thing about my body in this skirt. I personally loved how I looked in it, but I started viewing myself through the eyes of someone else who may judge a woman showing her curves. My bottom sticks out quite a bit in this skirt. It is tight on the top. It accentuated my curves too much.

As a teacher, I get judged a lot for what I wear. Teachers have dress codes, and I believe in following them. I will never show the three B’s…boobs, butt and belly. However, if I have curves, I should never feel uncomfortable to have them show a bit. It is unavoidable at times (unless I choose to wear only loose fit clothing). A booty bump? Ok, I have a bottom. My breasts stick out too much? Yes. I have a large chest.  Those body parts will stick out a bit. I will not wear something I do not like just to hide my body.

Next, Lets talk about the word “modesty”,  especially regarding the above outfit. Many people feel that showing curves is not modest. If you have curves, be proud of them! Accentuate them. Accentuating your curves does not mean you are being scandalous!

Now, I am NOT going to use that age old saying that those who judge you are just jealous. Sure, some of the “haters” may be jealous, but I really do not believe that is always the case. My platform in this post is to inform readers that we need to be more loving, more accepting and less judgemental.  I feel that my assuming everyone who judges is just jealous is ultimately making my own negative judgement.(How many times can I say “judgment” in one paragraph!) Judging others negatively is something we can all work on, including me. Self growth is the best kind of growth!

To finalize, women should be advocates for each other. We need to spread acceptance and love, not judgement and hate. More importantly, YOU should be a positive advocate for YOURSELF! Do not look in the mirror and let those negative thoughts get a hold of you. If you like something, WEAR IT!

I ended up wearing this amazing outfit to my conferences, and rocket it. I am so glad that my self-judgement about my booty bump did not take hold and stop me from doing what I wanted to do. Conference day is the perfect time to wear an amazing pencil skirt and fun white blazer. When else will I be sitting all day long as a Pre K teacher? Never!

PSA: As stated before, I do believe in following work rules and the dress code! This outfit fully follows dress code.

Just for fun, here are a few fun summer pics the same skirt!


Photography (above 2 photos): Beckley & Co.

♥ Katie

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