Teacher Tuesday: Fine Motor Skills!

Last week, the teachers at my school got to attend a class that was about teaching writing skills to pre-k aged students. This was the first of a three part session, and I cannot wait to learn more! Session 1 focused primarily on fine motor skills, as that is the first step to developing writing skills. I got to explore a variety of fine motor activities which inspired me to create a fine motor center in my classroom. finemotor2


This area used to be the “discovery center” however I noticed the students were tiring of  the activities that were in the buckets.

This new center will be facilitated by a teacher, as I really want my students to get the correct usage out of these activities. Of course I want the students to have fun, however I still want them to work on those fine motor skills CORRECTLY.

Here are just a few of the activities in the fine motor center:

Pin the Spider on the Web!


This activity is pretty easy to figure out. The students will roll a die and count how many spiders will be pinned on. The kiddos will get a lot of fine motor practice using their fingers to open up the tiny clothes pins. Plus they get to work on their counting skills!

Finger Race Track


The students practice their fine motor skills by placing their finger on top of the car and moving it along the track. I created a variety of different tracks that require different movements.

Sort the Pompoms!


Students will sort the pompoms by color. The fine motor skills will be put in place by the kiddos using tweezers to pick up the poms. I am in the process of looking for better tweezers, as the ones in the photo don’t open very wide.

Trim the Tree


This will be a fun seasonal fine motor activity for the kiddos. I bought a tiny christmas tree that the students can hang ornaments and lights on. They can also place the presents underneath the tree. Hanging the tiny ornaments will use a lot tiny muscles in the hands, which is why this activity is in my fine motor center.

Scissor Practice


3 and 4 year olds need A LOT of practice with scissors!

A Few More Buckets:

Students put the change in the piggy bank and then sort the different coins in the muffin tray.


Well there you have it. My fine motor center at a glimpse. I look forward to using these activities and adding different activities throughout the year!

Tune in tomorrow for What I Wore [to Work] Wednesday!

♥ Katie

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