You Do You, Girlfriend!

Pencil Skirt:Target // Belt: Vintage // Blazer: Shein // Heels: Nordstrom Rack

I had my parent-teacher conferences this Thursday. As always, I was planning on the perfect and professional outfit to wear! I have had big plans to wear my gingham pencil skirt to conferences ever since I bought it (in June). When planning out my outfit the day before, I put on the skirt and (just as I did the other times I have worn it) LOVED how it looked and felt.  Continue reading “You Do You, Girlfriend!”

Teacher Tuesday: Fine Motor Skills!

Last week, the teachers at my school got to attend a class that was about teaching writing skills to pre-k aged students. This was the first of a three part session, and I cannot wait to learn more! Session 1 focused primarily on fine motor skills, as that is the first step to developing writing skills. I got to explore a variety of fine motor activities which inspired me to create a fine motor center in my classroom. finemotor2 Continue reading “Teacher Tuesday: Fine Motor Skills!”

Pompoms & Flare Denim


Photography: Beckley & Co.

Another day, another post with pompoms! I just cannot get enough. I love this casual pompom dress. I have worn it to work on a couple of occasions, usually as a dress. However, I knew I would want to continue wearing it when the weather cools down. Pairing it with jeans creates a fun fall look! I love the vibe the flare jeans give when paired with this dress.  Continue reading “Pompoms & Flare Denim”

White Blazer With Pom Details


Photography: Beckley & Co.

It is no secret that I LOVE pom-poms. I even shared with you all that I was in mourning for my favorite fashion trend when summer was coming to an end. Lo and behold, after minimal research, I found the perfect pom pieces for fall! When I say “minimal” research, it is because the fashion world must have sensed the need for this fashion trend to continue on into the fall. I simply had to go to my favorite site, Shein, and type pom-poms in the search box…immediately hundreds of items popped up.Many which are perfect for this season! Continue reading “White Blazer With Pom Details”

Floral Midi & Denim


Photography: Beckley & Co.

Lately I have been in love with A-line midi skirts. They are perfect for the weather Texas is experiencing at the moment. If you are in TX, you know exactly what weather I am talking about…hot one day, cool the next. If you follow me on Insta,  chances are you will see me in all kinds of midi skirts this season. This floral midi is right up my alley; it is colorful, floral, super twirly AND affordable! Continue reading “Floral Midi & Denim”

What I Wore [to Work] Wednesday: October!


Welcome, October! I am so glad you are finally here.


I welcomed October with my favorite pink pants and booties! I cannot think of a better combination.

Pants: Stylus from JC Penney (These are no longer in stock, however I found these mid-rise ankle pants at Old Navy. The link is not pink, but saw a pink pair in store!) // Tunic: Old Navy (mine is from last winter, however the top linked is almost identical) // Booties: Susina // Wrap Bracelet: Boho Betty // Bag: Target

Continue reading “What I Wore [to Work] Wednesday: October!”