Teacher Tuesday: Shapes!


This week, I am reading the book Mouse Shapes with my students. This book is a fantastic resource to use when teaching your class about shapes!

Here are a few experts from the book:


Love love love this book!

One of the small group tables in my class was set up to allow students to create something new out of di-cut shapes. It is always so fun to see what student create and how they use their imaginations! Shout out to my amazing para-professional, Jackie,  who led this activity (my small group activity this week focused on letters vs. numbers).

I made an example for the kids to look at…it is supposed to be a cow, but you can interpret it however you want!



Now for the best part, some student samples!


LOVE them!

Disclaimer: Seeing as we are still early in the week, we have not gotten through all of our small groups, therefore not all of the students created their shape pictures. By the end of the week, every child will have completed each small group activity. There are 4 small group activities (and 4 groupings of children) total. The groups of children rotate through each group activity by the end of the week.

*Can I use the words “small” and “group” any more in one paragraph? HAH*

Moving on…

My independent small group worked with pattern blocks. I’m sure every early childhood educator is familiar with these amazing manipulative!


We are also discussing shapes at large group. Large group is when the entire class sits on the rug to learn (and have fun of course). I read a book  and then have educational activities that we get to work on as a class. Often times the lesson is completed on this easel:


This week we are working on creating shape anchor charts. These charts will be hung in my classroom as a resource for the students. We began this activity today and only got through 2 shapes. I look forward to discussing the rest of the basic shapes throughout the week!


I look forward to seeing how the rest of the week goes. Hopefully we finish all the shape charts I have planned!

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