Here Comes the Sun


PHOTOGRAPHY: Beckley & Co.

The top may say “here comes the sun”,  but I know for a fact that the sun is already here! Texas is ridiculous with it’s 100 degree weather! I cannot tell you all how ready I am for Fall! It will be amazing to go outside and not feel like a burning, hot ball of sweat (is that too much?)  in a matter of seconds. One plus is that I do love me some summer fashion! Continue reading “Here Comes the Sun”

Bag Exchange Party



My group of girlfriend love nothing more than getting together! A couple of years ago, we decided to throw a gift exchange party as an excuse to get the group in one place (which becomes much more difficult as the years go by and friends start moving farther away). Our first party was a scarf exchange around Christmas time. The party was not only a great reason to get together, but also a way to give Christmas gifts without breaking the bank. That party was such a huge success, that we decided to get together and throw a few more throughout the years. I decided it would be fun to share how the actual game works and all the rules. It is so much fun!  Continue reading “Bag Exchange Party”