Here Comes the Sun


PHOTOGRAPHY: Beckley & Co.

The top may say “here comes the sun”,  but I know for a fact that the sun is already here! Texas is ridiculous with it’s 100 degree weather! I cannot tell you all how ready I am for Fall! It will be amazing to go outside and not feel like a burning, hot ball of sweat (is that too much?)  in a matter of seconds. One plus is that I do love me some summer fashion!

This tank will be perfect to wear the rest of the summer and even to transition into fall. Lets face it…it’s going to be HOT HOT HOT until Halloween! Hey, maybe even until Christmas. This tank is super comfy and  can be worn with a variety of bottoms.

I decided to dress the shirt up a bit by adding this amazing gingham pencil skirt. Gingham has definitely been one of the big trends this summer. What is great about this skirt is that I can also wear it to work next year! It may not be too practical when i’m in the classroom (as it is difficult to run around when a skirt is tight-fitting) but it will be great for conferences! It is classy and comfy. I also know that I will be wearing this pencil skirt out and about in the coming seasons.

Lets talk about these Chinese Laundry wedges I am wearing. I LOVE them! I have been searching for a pair of black wedges but have had so much trouble finding a pair that fit my teeny tiny feet. Luckily I found these recently in DSW. They look a little big in the photos, but feel great. I can walk in them easily. Needless to say, these wedges are not going to be worn in the classroom. I will save them for going out on the town!

I accessorized this outfit with gold and black details. You may notice that there are a lot of pineapples in this outfit. I felt that pineapples just fit with the theme (sunshine).


Gingham Pencil Skirt: Target // Tank: Target // Wedges: Chinese Laundry // Sunglasses: Target // Pineapple Necklace: Charming Charlie // Bag: Charming Charlie // Black Bangle: Sweet Tea Jewels // Pineapple Bangle: Sweet Tea Jewels

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