Bag Exchange Party



My group of girlfriend love nothing more than getting together! A couple of years ago, we decided to throw a gift exchange party as an excuse to get the group in one place (which becomes much more difficult as the years go by and friends start moving farther away). Our first party was a scarf exchange around Christmas time. The party was not only a great reason to get together, but also a way to give Christmas gifts without breaking the bank. That party was such a huge success, that we decided to get together and throw a few more throughout the years. I decided it would be fun to share how the actual game works and all the rules. It is so much fun! 

One of our nearest and dearest gals is leaving us soon, so we decided that was the perfect excuse to throw another exchange party. This time, we decided to give away purses/bags/clutches.

We each went out and found a bag that we would add to the loot for the party. We made sure to set a budget so that each bag was worth around the same amount (definitely more Target priced…no Louis Vuitton for us). I love shopping, so this was no trouble at all.

Be sure to wrap the bags!  It is best if they are all wrapped the same (which is not very practical). If not, try to hide the wrapped gift so that others don’t know who brought which gift (it is more fun to guess at the end of the game).


Our beautifully wrapped loot.

We chose a date and place to gather and play our exchange game. Since there were 7 of us, the hostess wrote out the numbers 1 – 7 on separate pieces of paper. The numbers are folded so that we cannot see them. Each person draws a number, and as you can guess….The number 1 person gets to go first. In this case, that was me!

I chose the one wrapped in watermelon paper!

I LOOOVED the bag I got…but in this game, people can STEAL items. That’s right, people can choose to take your bag.

After the first person goes, number 2 can either choose to open another gift OR steal the bag from the number 1 person.  Our number 2 decided to open a new bag. Everyone takes their turn numerically and either open a new gift or steal from a friend. The stealing aspect makes the game so much more fun! If someone steals your bag, then you get to chose either to steal from someone else or open a new bag. Once a bag has been in the hands of 3 different people, it is locked in (meaning it cannot be stolen again).

Clearly we had a lot of fun! The bag I got at the beginning was stolen from me!! I was sad, but ended up loving the second gift I opened. Luckily no one stole the second one from me. We all ended the game happily, with a clutch/purse/bag we loved!


Showing off our prizes.

When you get together with your group of girls, it is vital to take funny photos!


Also, there must be a selfie:


(My friend brought her precious toddler to the party, he is the cutest!)

I highly recommend getting your gals together and throwing an exchange party.

Our scarf exchange was in 2014. Here are a couple photos from that lovely event:


We also exchanged necklaces around Valentines Day in 2015:


Thank you for reading about our fun girls day. Here’s to hoping  you all can get your ladies together for a fun event! I would love to hear about any other fun ideas y’all have for girls day/night!

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