Yellow Cold Shoulder Blouse


I spent this last week on a sailboat trip with my dad in the Chesapeake Bay. It was an exciting adventure. The boat was very small which limited too much movement and lacked in space to get ready (as in the bathroom did not even fit my entire body).  When I say sailboat, I most definitely do not mean a luxury yacht!  It was quite the experience for sure. I got to eat my weight in fresh caught Maryland crab, read on the bow of the boat, dinghy to shore, learn how a sail boat works, and bask in the sun all day long.


^That was my bedroom.

Despite lacking in space to get ready, I still packed like I always do for a trip: with fun outfits to wear.

Denim shorts got me through the hot days, along with…

This cold shoulder blouse, which was perfect for life on the sailboat!

It is light weight and airy! The bell-sleeves and the bright color are what attracted me to this blouse. It is a top that I will be wearing on repeat all summer long.


My sandals are from Payless. They are actually from the children’s section as I have SUPER tiny feet. These sandals are stylish and pretty sturdy. If I had not known the size, I would not guess they are meant for kids.

I love to mix bright colors. I chose purple as the color to accessorize with. My ring is vintage. This ring is huge and gaudy, but I love it! The lavender bangle is from Sweet Tea Jewels. I mentioned this online shop in my last blog post. My earrings seen above are from Kendra Scott. The lavender color is not carried in store anymore.


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