Tulle in the Summer: Part 2

Today, I am sharing another “tulle in the summer” look.

Photographer:  Krysten Robertson

I love this pink tulle midi skirt (or tutu, as I like to call it). I actually bought this tutu from a co-worker. She originally purchased this piece from the website jane.com. I absolutely love the length. It is a midi-tulle skirt and is the perfect length for shorter girls.Since this exact one is no longer available, I went on an internet hunt to find a skirt just like the one I am wearing.

First, I found this option. It is a much lighter pink (nude).

Or if you want to go brighter, then I recommend this skirt. I LOVE the color, and just may have to order one!

Here is another option that is closer to the color tulle I am wearing. The tutu linked here has a black waist band.

My earrings are from Francesca’s (purchased in store). They are not online, however you can find a very similar pair here.

and this bracelet

DSC_0035 copy

is one of my all time favorites!

Sweet Tea Jewels is an online jewelry shop. The owner makes each piece by hand. I splurge on her bangles whenever I get the chance. It is so much fun to have and “arm party” with all the colors and designs. I have about 12 of her bangles and have so much fun mixing and matching them. Check out all of her bangles here.

Shirt is from Forever 21 last Summer.

Shoes are from a boutique in Nanjing China. I bought this pair of flats on my trip there last summer.


Just for fun, here is a photo of me wearing this exact tutu on the job…


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