Tulle in the Summer: Part 1

I feel most like myself when I am dressed up in a girly tutu. This tutu was originally purchased for my up-coming wedding events, however I have found myself wearing it out and about. My best friend, Krysten (whom just happens to be a photographer)  used her amazing photography skills to capture this outfit!!

Today I am sharing a few of my favorite things.

First the tutu, which can be found here.  My exact one was purchased from Zulily, however the one I linked is very similar. I LOVE how full this particular one is. It is long, has a ton of tulle yet still shows off my feet…

which leads to my favorite pair of shoes.


These wedges are from Mod Cloth. They are on sale for only $15.99, so get ’em while they are still available! I wear a size 5 which gives me a lot of grief. It is so difficult to find women’s shoes that fit me. Luckily these come in a size 5 and are not only cute but very comfortable. I love that they are reminiscent of those jelly shoes I wore as a kid in the nineties (which are making quite the come-back). I am a kid at heart, which makes these even more fun! Plus, they are pink and have bows! My friends refer to these as my “Barbie Shoes”. I’m sure you can see why.DSC_0147DSC_0145DSC_0137DSC_0127

The tutu paired with the shoes are perfect to twirl in!

The denim off-the-shoulder top was purchased in store at Francescas. This exact shirt is not on their website, but I love the denim shirts that you can find here and here. It is known that I am a sucker for off-the-shoulder tops this summer. I mean, I can’t wear them to work, so now i’m bearing my shoulders while I can!

Lastly…my earrings. I purchased mine at Bauble Bar last summer, however they are no longer on the website.  The Purple Peridot sells (almost) the same earrings at an even more affordable price.

Pink and tassels. A couple of my favorite things.

Tomorrow I will share my second “Tulle in the Summer” look.

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