What I Wore [to work] Wednesday: Last Week of School

It’s here, it’s here! The last week of school. You can read about my more in-depth feelings about the end of school in my last post.

Now for what I wore…

I do not have any photos to share for Monday. We were out of school for Memorial Day (I did share what I wore on Monday in my Red, White & Blue blog post). So on to the work week…


I wore this dress. I feel like I’m becoming a spokesperson for Shein. I promise, i’m not! I just happen to like affordable clothing. Reallyyyy affordable clothing at that. This dress was only $11. I will warn you, up close it looks cheap, but it feels great. As a teacher, that is important. I like to feel comfortable and look good at the same time.

Here is an up-close look at the pattern on the bodice. Bright colors are my favorite, therefore this dress fit the bill.

I have had a thing for pointy toed flats lately. The shoes I wore can be found at Nordstrom Rack. I love that NR provides shoes for women with tiny feet (I wear a size 4)!

Book can be found here. 😀



A little mint and black for Wednesday. Today was the LAST full day of school for my students, so we celebrated with a party! Too bad this day was very rainy (hence those combat boots).


The striped dress is from Forever 21 two years ago. It is tight-fit and has a huge opening on the upper back. I love this dress. It hugs all my curves in the right places while still being comfortable (and not too short). I’ve worn this dress out on the town on multiple occasions.

I need a cover-up in order to wear this dress to work, hence the kimono. This amazing kimono is from Walmart. It is meant to be worn with swimsuits, but I never follow the rules when it comes to clothing. This kimono has awesome fringe and a nice intricate design.


It also comes in 3 different colors. 🙂

Lastly, the tassel necklace is from Kendra Scott. This is definitely one of the more expensive things I have in my closet. I usually do not spend this much on clothes and jewelry. The exact color (mint) is not on their website anymore, but the chalcedony is very similar. I wear this necklace so much I’m surprised I haven’t broken it.


Plus, my students play with it ALL the time. I won’t lie, I do too.

Now, to get through tomorrow (the last day of school)!!!

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