Pom Pom Sleeves


This outfit is filled with all the things I love! From pompoms to the bell sleeves. From the color purple to lace up flats…I feel this outfit cannot go wrong! Ofcourse, that is in my world of bright and crazy.

This top is AMAZING, and it’s only $13.99! All I wanted was a wild and fun blouse…and I think it’s safe to say I succeeded. Definitely a top that will be on repeat this season!


The sleeves are so fun. All the bright colored poms make it so simple to tie in any color! As you can see, I went a little crazy color-wise.

I paired the top with a bright skirt I had in the back of my closet and a clutch I purchased in-store at Sam Moon. The exact clutch is not on their website.

My lace-up flats were purchased in-store at Nordstrom Rack. The exact pair is not available online, however I love these similar pairs that you can find here and here!

The sunglasses are from Target. The link is not the exact pair, but very similar.


Hope you are having a bright Summer!

Floral Bell Sleeves: The Perfect Summer Dress


My dad took me out to eat a couple times while on our sailing trip (Although it probably should have been the other way around as it was almost Fathers Day). This was one of the dresses I wore. This dress is THE perfect dress for Summer!

The belle sleeves have a bold floral print.

The cold shoulders make it perfect for the hot weather.

Overall, I just love this dress.

Also, it is under $20.00!

I wore a pair of cream wedges to complete the look. My wedges are from Payless.


I hope everyone is remaining cool in this weather. It’s getting hot out there! It is officially the time of year where I have to douse myself with sunscreen so I don’t turn into a lobster.


Yellow Cold Shoulder Blouse


I spent this last week on a sailboat trip with my dad in the Chesapeake Bay. It was an exciting adventure. The boat was very small which limited too much movement and lacked in space to get ready (as in the bathroom did not even fit my entire body).  When I say sailboat, I most definitely do not mean a luxury yacht!  It was quite the experience for sure. I got to eat my weight in fresh caught Maryland crab, read on the bow of the boat, dinghy to shore, learn how a sail boat works, and bask in the sun all day long.


^That was my bedroom.

Despite lacking in space to get ready, I still packed like I always do for a trip: with fun outfits to wear.

Denim shorts got me through the hot days, along with…

This cold shoulder blouse, which was perfect for life on the sailboat!

It is light weight and airy! The bell-sleeves and the bright color are what attracted me to this blouse. It is a top that I will be wearing on repeat all summer long.


My sandals are from Payless. They are actually from the children’s section as I have SUPER tiny feet. These sandals are stylish and pretty sturdy. If I had not known the size, I would not guess they are meant for kids.

I love to mix bright colors. I chose purple as the color to accessorize with. My ring is vintage. This ring is huge and gaudy, but I love it! The lavender bangle is from Sweet Tea Jewels. I mentioned this online shop in my last blog post. My earrings seen above are from Kendra Scott. The lavender color is not carried in store anymore.


Tulle in the Summer: Part 2

Today, I am sharing another “tulle in the summer” look.

Photographer:  Krysten Robertson

I love this pink tulle midi skirt (or tutu, as I like to call it). I actually bought this tutu from a co-worker. She originally purchased this piece from the website jane.com. I absolutely love the length. It is a midi-tulle skirt and is the perfect length for shorter girls.Since this exact one is no longer available, I went on an internet hunt to find a skirt just like the one I am wearing.

First, I found this option. It is a much lighter pink (nude).

Or if you want to go brighter, then I recommend this skirt. I LOVE the color, and just may have to order one!

Here is another option that is closer to the color tulle I am wearing. The tutu linked here has a black waist band.

My earrings are from Francesca’s (purchased in store). They are not online, however you can find a very similar pair here.

and this bracelet

DSC_0035 copy

is one of my all time favorites!

Sweet Tea Jewels is an online jewelry shop. The owner makes each piece by hand. I splurge on her bangles whenever I get the chance. It is so much fun to have and “arm party” with all the colors and designs. I have about 12 of her bangles and have so much fun mixing and matching them. Check out all of her bangles here.

Shirt is from Forever 21 last Summer.

Shoes are from a boutique in Nanjing China. I bought this pair of flats on my trip there last summer.


Just for fun, here is a photo of me wearing this exact tutu on the job…


Tulle in the Summer: Part 1

I feel most like myself when I am dressed up in a girly tutu. This tutu was originally purchased for my up-coming wedding events, however I have found myself wearing it out and about. My best friend, Krysten (whom just happens to be a photographer)  used her amazing photography skills to capture this outfit!!

Today I am sharing a few of my favorite things.

First the tutu, which can be found here.  My exact one was purchased from Zulily, however the one I linked is very similar. I LOVE how full this particular one is. It is long, has a ton of tulle yet still shows off my feet…

which leads to my favorite pair of shoes.


These wedges are from Mod Cloth. They are on sale for only $15.99, so get ’em while they are still available! I wear a size 5 which gives me a lot of grief. It is so difficult to find women’s shoes that fit me. Luckily these come in a size 5 and are not only cute but very comfortable. I love that they are reminiscent of those jelly shoes I wore as a kid in the nineties (which are making quite the come-back). I am a kid at heart, which makes these even more fun! Plus, they are pink and have bows! My friends refer to these as my “Barbie Shoes”. I’m sure you can see why.DSC_0147DSC_0145DSC_0137DSC_0127

The tutu paired with the shoes are perfect to twirl in!

The denim off-the-shoulder top was purchased in store at Francescas. This exact shirt is not on their website, but I love the denim shirts that you can find here and here. It is known that I am a sucker for off-the-shoulder tops this summer. I mean, I can’t wear them to work, so now i’m bearing my shoulders while I can!

Lastly…my earrings. I purchased mine at Bauble Bar last summer, however they are no longer on the website.  The Purple Peridot sells (almost) the same earrings at an even more affordable price.

Pink and tassels. A couple of my favorite things.

Tomorrow I will share my second “Tulle in the Summer” look.

Palm Prints and Floppy Hats


It’s officially summertime, and this teacher sure is happy about it!

This palm print playsuit is perfect for the summer!

I will definitely be wearing this playsuit a BUNCH this season. I have been loving all of the palm print pieces I have seen, but have had trouble finding one that’s cute AND in my budget. That is, until I found this one at Old Navy. It is super comfortable, doesn’t break the bank and what makes it even better is that it has great pops of pink!


The white vest is from H&M. It is a known fact that I like pom-poms.

Floppy hats are EVERYWHERE this summer. I wanted to find one that has my favorite color (PINK) and that is not too big. I found this hat at Nordstrom Rack. It is bright, floppy and under $15.00!

You may notice, I’m wearing a ring reppin’ my state. I’ve had this ring for over 4 years now. I wear it almost every day.


My earrings and necklace are from Kendra Scott.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer (although it has not yet technically begun)!

What I Wore [to work] Wednesday: Last Week of School

It’s here, it’s here! The last week of school. You can read about my more in-depth feelings about the end of school in my last post.

Now for what I wore…

I do not have any photos to share for Monday. We were out of school for Memorial Day (I did share what I wore on Monday in my Red, White & Blue blog post). So on to the work week…


I wore this dress. I feel like I’m becoming a spokesperson for Shein. I promise, i’m not! I just happen to like affordable clothing. Reallyyyy affordable clothing at that. This dress was only $11. I will warn you, up close it looks cheap, but it feels great. As a teacher, that is important. I like to feel comfortable and look good at the same time.

Here is an up-close look at the pattern on the bodice. Bright colors are my favorite, therefore this dress fit the bill.

I have had a thing for pointy toed flats lately. The shoes I wore can be found at Nordstrom Rack. I love that NR provides shoes for women with tiny feet (I wear a size 4)!

Book can be found here. 😀



A little mint and black for Wednesday. Today was the LAST full day of school for my students, so we celebrated with a party! Too bad this day was very rainy (hence those combat boots).


The striped dress is from Forever 21 two years ago. It is tight-fit and has a huge opening on the upper back. I love this dress. It hugs all my curves in the right places while still being comfortable (and not too short). I’ve worn this dress out on the town on multiple occasions.

I need a cover-up in order to wear this dress to work, hence the kimono. This amazing kimono is from Walmart. It is meant to be worn with swimsuits, but I never follow the rules when it comes to clothing. This kimono has awesome fringe and a nice intricate design.


It also comes in 3 different colors. 🙂

Lastly, the tassel necklace is from Kendra Scott. This is definitely one of the more expensive things I have in my closet. I usually do not spend this much on clothes and jewelry. The exact color (mint) is not on their website anymore, but the chalcedony is very similar. I wear this necklace so much I’m surprised I haven’t broken it.


Plus, my students play with it ALL the time. I won’t lie, I do too.

Now, to get through tomorrow (the last day of school)!!!