A Little Romantic/ A Little Boho

Today I am sharing another outfit that I would not wear at work. Tune in tomorrow to see what I DO wear at work. 🙂

I couldn’t go on with this post without including a photo with one of my favorite guys!

Now back to the original programming…

I found this dress at Francescas. Francescas has easily become one of my favorite shopping spots. You can find this clothing store all over North Texas, yet it still gives off that small-town boutique feel. I couldn’t find the same dress on their website, but similar ones can be found here and here.


As I’ve mentioned before, I am a fan of the off-the-shoulder look. This dress also looks nice with the sleeves covering the shoulder (how i’d wear it if I were going to some type of  work event).

Another part of this outfit I am obsessed with are the earrings. I wear these earrings ALL of the time (yes, also at work)! I got these at Bauble Bar. Although sold out there, you can find almost the exact same thing at this online shop.


Yes, more tassels in my closet.

Speaking of tassels, my strappy, caged wedges are from Nordstrom Rack. You can find them online here.

One thought on “A Little Romantic/ A Little Boho

  1. I didn’t even recognize you today Chica! Black shirt and blue jean? That’s my attire lol ! Yeah no, stick to your bright cheery unique outfits. Hugs my friend 😉


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