IKEA RASKOG Utility Cart. Part 1

If you have ever been into IKEA, chances are you have seen the RÅSKOG Utility Cart. If you have seen the RÅSKOG Utility Cart, chances are you had to have it. I sure did.  I mean, this cart is amazing. I have seen it in many friends homes and finally decided to get one two for my home. Not only is this cart functional in a variety of ways, but it is also a great piece of home decor.

Raskog 1

I decided to find 10 functional ways that you can use the RÅSKOG Utility Cart in your home. For todays post, I will share my first 5 uses. Therefore I formally name this post IKEA RÅSKOG Utility Cart. Part 1.

1. Library Cart

This cart has a great amount of room. It is a great space to hold your books. You could store any kind of book; children’s books, chapter books, cook books, albums, and the list goes on. I would have loved to have this cart when I was still a student. It would’ve been a fantastic storage space for all of my text books!

Raskog Library 1Raskog Library 2

This thing held almost half of the books on my book shelf!

2. Garden Cart

Raskog Garden 3

I am very new to this gardening adventure, hence my very little amount of gardening tools. I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

3. Jewelry Cart

Raskog Jewelry 2

I feel that it is always a challenge to find that right place to store my accessories. As I’ve said many times, this cart has a ton of space. Just put all of your jewelry in it. I mixed up adding jewelry cases and loose jewelry around the cart. Not only is it functional, but it sure is bright and happy!

Raskog Jewelry 1

Speaking of accessories…

4. Purse Cart

Raskog Purse 3

Throw all of your purses and bags in this thing, and call it a day! I stored some of my bigger bags on top. The middle and lower section held 10 little bags all together (and as you an see, there is more space).

You can even hang totes on the side.

Last on the list for today, and my FAVORITE is…

5. Craft Cart

Raskog Craft Cart

I am an avid crafter. This cart holds a TON of my supplies. It even allows me to roll my supplies to any room that I want to work in. Another plus, is that the sides are magnetic, so you can use those neat magnetized storage containers to maximize the space.

Raskog Craft Cart 3

So there you have it.

My first 5 ways to use the RÅSKOG Utility Cart in your home.

You can find it here.

This cart also comes in black and cream.

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