Watermelon 1

My official first blog post!  This momentous occasion is marked with images that are not the best quality. I introduce blogger life lesson #1- Cell phones are NOT to be relied on for great blog photos.

(*Cough cough*, I am a newbie, and have ZERO shame in sharing my journey with you, even if that includes blogging fails)

Today I am sharing my love for WATERMELONS! I feel this post is perfect as Summertime is fast approaching. Who doesn’t love to eat some watermelon in the summer? I had been coveting this watermelon purse for quite some time, when I finally decided to take the online plunge and purchase it in April. It is definitely a must-have for my closet as I have been using it ALL the time. Not only is it amazingly cute, it is also extremely functional. This bag has a lot of space to hold items. Click the link below to see more details and to purchase. 

Watermelon Purse

Watermelon 2

Oh, and these earrings. I die. I fell in LOVE with them in a teeny tiny consignment shop in Austin this spring. I was going to buy them, but decided I should probably save that $12.00 in my bank for when I really needed it (but $12.00?? C’mon now, that’s worth it!!). I immediately regretted my decision on my drive home. I was so close to calling my sister (who lives in ATX) to pick them up for me, but I didn’t. In a shocking and happy twist, my sister remembered how much I loved them and sent them to me on my birthday. I may have cried when I opened up that package. Not only because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the earrings, but also because of the sentiment behind it. I couldn’t believe she remembered them. Well anywho, here I am now, wearing them all of the time. They are extremely lightweight as they are made of a light basket weave material (just like the purse above). Unfortunately since these were at a consignment shop, I cannot link directly to them,

Watermelon 4Watermelon 3

Lastly, this dress is another must-have for summer. Light weight, off the shoulder? What more could I ask for? This is the perfect dress for a date with my fiancé or a night on the town. As a teacher, I don’t often get to show off my shoulders. When I get the chance, I let those babies out and let them shine! Shoulders are sexy, ladies. Let them be seen (when you are not working with a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds)!

Watermelon 6

Have a fabulous day, and eat some watermelon for me!

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