The First Hurrah!

Well, here we go, the first hurrah!  After much thought and consideration, I have officially decided to jump into the blogging world. This is something I have wanted to do for a VERY long time. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to dress up and have fun. This is MY creative outlet for MY style. I do not use the word fashion, as this blog will cover more than that. I will share not only what I wear, but also any other random tips or tricks that I might have up my sleeve.

To begin this blogging experience, I will share some past photos of myself doing something that I do often. Taking selfies in the mirror. I like to document what I wear. For a long time, I was embarrassed by this. Why should I be embarrassed? Us women (and everyone for that matter) should not feel shame in liking what we wear or loving what we see in the mirror.


A little exciting tidbit for you: My full length mirror is placed right infront of the toilet. Ah, that was not planned, but until it is moved please enjoy the view of the baño in all of my mirror photos taken at home!

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